DIN Adaptor
Flange Coupling
Staple Lok
Hose Assembly
High Pressure Ball Valve
Tube clamps


    Where a customer needs service, we will Ye customer service, and strive to meet 100% of all reasonable requirements of users.
1, product quality assurance
    My company provides hydraulic products have passed rigorous testing, each of parts procurement to production and shipments are subject to stringent testing, tracking of product quality testing to ensure product quality pass rate of 100%.
2, establish and improve the user files
    ready to provide technical advice I for each user, the user has established a sound file, and each quarter, a return visit by telephone users. Company to provide technical advice to the user at any time, Tel :0574 -56190760.
3, training
    Where I supply the hydraulic products, to provide the following training services: Hydraulic products for customers in need of professional training, technology and production installation and commissioning staff Include: How Product Selection; how the product installation and commissioning; How to troubleshoot.
4, the customer response     Users of the products in the company receiving the technology,
installation and commissioning needs to respond immediately after notice; if necessary, 1 to 2 working days within the time, sent to the scene to provide technical support.
5, delivery time
    With perfect on the storage, to provide users with timely and accurate delivery service, customers can request service Tingri arrival.

Customer Service TEL:0574 -56190760
You can also leave message to us, we will reply it instantly.

Technical support contains:
● Equipment installment and adjustment
● Practical training for user operation
● Technical training
● Maintenance service   
● Technical consultation

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