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Yi Sheng Corporation
Company Characteristics:
One-stop service, let you focus on your core business!
Agent for the first class products, let you fly with the firm base!
    Shanghai Yi Sheng Logistics Equipment Co., Ltd is a comprehensive supplier which is specializing in logistic transportation settlement, logistic transportation, port equipment sales, and service. Thus, you can focus on your core business through the management philosophy of advanced technique and best after-sales service. Its business target is as the agent for sales of the brand product with high reputation, strong technical and creative ability and well competitive ability. And is the cooperative partner and franchised dealer in China of many world famous brands like Sweden Konecranes, USA WISCO, and French Nexans, etc. Agent for their world class products:
Front carrier, container: Sweden Konecranes
Heavy forklift: Sweden Konecranes
Small forklift:  HELLY, WINNER
Steel wire rope: USA WISCO
Materials Transportation Cables: French Nexans
     The long term development for years makes us have a certain good reputation and become the first class suppler in the line! In the future, Yi Sheng Logistics will keep making the market as direction and making the customers as the center, and offer the materials transportation settlement which is much qualified, efficient and can meet the request of the customers’ individuation for the abroad customers. We pursue the dream and make the promises come true. We not only lift up the commodities, but also help the whole business of the customers.
     Ningbo Yi Sheng Hydraulic Technology Co., Ltd is a knowledge style enterprise which is specializing in offering the one-stop settlement for fluid connectors and hydraulic components, and applying itself to the hydraulic system design, development, production, adjustment and sales service in the long term. Through the perfect storage and logistics, technical support and customer service system, no matter where are you, can gain the qualified service like technology selection, training, exactly and instantly supply and after-sales service, etc.
     The management philosophy of Yi Sheng Hydraulic Equipments Co., Ltd is one class product plus the excellent dealer equals to the best guarantee for the customers to succeed. Our responsibility is to recommend the first class product and qualified service for the customers and let them gain the best investment returns. Therefore, we sign the strategic cooperative agreement with the USA EATON which is considered as the hydraulic industry leader and become one of their qualified franchised dealers in China. Agent For its products:
     Hydraulic rubber pipe: USA AEROQUIP
     Steel pipe fittings: German WALTERSCHEID and USA EATON
Rubber pipe fittings and reducer union: EATON、WINNER、AEROQUIP、
     Pump and valve: VICKERS
     And hydraulic tubing assembly, etc, including all the products related to the hydraulic production line. Offer the firm product guarantee for the customers successfully.


ADDRESS:Pudong New District, Shanghai No. 1389 Jinqiao Road, Jinqiao Building, 13th Floor, Room 1309
TEL:(86)021-58545638 FAX:(86)021-58541784 Mobile:(86)13816802527